Friday, April 2, 2010

Taiwan ROC - Donggang Jinde Bridge 東港進德大橋


Stamp Issue : 2010-03-10 

This bridge spans the Donggang River in Donggang Township, Pingtung County. Opened to traffic in October of 2002, it has a total length of 440 meters and a width of 21.3 meters, with a 155-meter-long main span and a 30-meter-high arch. A basket-handle steel-arch bridge, it has two box arch ribs, which rise from either side of the bridge and then merge to form a single arch. The deck is supported by a single line of hanger cables. It is a stately looking bridge.

位於屏東縣東港鎮,橫跨東港溪, 2002年10月通車,全長440公尺,主橋跨徑長155公尺,寬21.3公尺,拱高約30公尺。為提籃型景觀鋼拱橋,兩根箱型拱肋自橋面兩側拱起,交會後合而為一,成一虹型單拱肋,以單面鋼索支撐橋面,造型宏偉壯觀。

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