Monday, November 10, 2008

Bulgaria - Tarnovo Bridge


Stamp Issue : 1947-05-24 

Tarnovo Bridge, cross the Yantra River, in Veliko Tirnovo. The Veliko Tŭrnovo, formerly Trnovo or Tirnovo, city(1993 pop. 69,059), N central Bulgaria, on the Yantra River. It is a commercial center and produces foodstuffs, textiles, and leather. Trnovo is the seat of an Eastern Orthodox metropolitan. The site was probably a Roman fortress. The second Bulgarian kingdom came into existence at Trnovo when Ivan I was proclaimed czar in 1186. It was the capital of Bulgaria under Ivan II, who built(1230) the Church of the Forty Martyrs. The city fell to the Turks in 1393. A Bulgarian constitution was drafted in 1879 at Trnovo, where the full independence of Bulgaria was proclaimed in 1908. In 1965 the city was renamed Veliko ( "Greater" ) Tŭrnovo.

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