Thursday, July 1, 2010

France - Pont George V 喬治五世橋


Stamp Issue : 1995-06-02 

George V Bridge (French: Pont George V also called Pont Royal) is a masonry arch bridge crossing the River Loire at Orléans in the department of Loiret in central France. It is the main old bridge facing the Sanite-Croix cathedral.
The bridge was built in 1751–1760, composing of nine arches with slightly unequal spans. The central arch span is 32.5 meters, and the total bridge length is 325 meters.
Near the end of Second World War, the U.S. Air Force heavily bombed the city, and severely damaged the bridge. The destroyed spans were reconstructed beginning on 1 September 1945, and the bridge was re-opened to traffic on 4 January 1947.


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