Monday, September 7, 2009

Switzerland - Dei Salti Bridge


Stamp Issue : 1991-09-10 

Dei Salti Bridge cross Verzasca River is famous double-arched stone bridge in Lavertezzo, 536 m above sea level, is a quaint little village. It has the only baroque church of the valley. The bridge dates from the 17th century and partial destroyed 1906 by floods. Rebuilt in facsimile in 1958, but Also called by mistake as "Romano Bridge". Here has formed unique creations in the stones over time. Some of the stones look almost polished and the stratification has created fantastic patterns. The water in the pools is a deep turquoise. There are, however, warning signs in 4 languages (Italian, German, French and English) stressing the dangers of swimming in the river. As you can see with the hot weather people still gather on the rocks and dip into the refreshing waters to cool off.

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