Wednesday, January 14, 2009

France - Pont Valentré 瓦倫垂大橋


Stamp Issue : 1955-10-15  


Stamp Issue : 1957-07-19  


Stamp Issue : 2008-08-13 

Valentré Bridge (Pont Valentré) is a 14th century fortified bridge crossing the Lot River to the west of Cahors, in France. It has become a symbol of the city. It is construction began in 1308, but it lasted for more than half a century. In 1879 it was repaired and it had some alterations. It has seven ogival arches and three towers with 40 meters in height, with defensive functions and being a very good example of the middle age military architecture. The Valentré Bridge listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


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Justin said...

That sketch of the Valentre Bridge is absolutely spectacular!