Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Taiwan ROC - Sino-Saudi Bridge 中沙大橋


Stamp Issue : 1978-10-31 

Sino-Saudi Bridge, named after Saudi Arabia’s massive loan support for the bridge construction signifying the friendship between ROC and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, is a part of the Chung-Shan Freeway (aka North-South Highway, National Highway No. 1). The freeway was one of ROC’s ten major infrastructure construction projects in the 1970’s. Crossing over Jhuoshuei River in central Taiwan, Sino-Saudi Bridge is situated about 3 Km east of Western Mainline Line’s Hsiluo Bridge. The bridge construction was started in April 1976 and completed in October 1978 using prestressed hollow core piles and prestressed beams. There are four driving lanes. The bridge is 2,345 meters long and is the longest bridge in Taiwan.

中沙大橋是七十年代臺灣十大建設主要工程之一,中山高速公路(國道一號,又名中山南北高速公路)的一環,自1976年4月開工,迄1978年10月完成。因工程興工期間,曾接受友邦沙烏地阿拉伯王國鉅額貸款,特將此主要橋樑命名為「中沙大橋」。該橋跨越中部濁水溪,位於西部幹線西螺大橋以東約3公里處。採用預力空心基樁及預力梁建設 ,4車道橋面,全長2,345公尺,為臺灣地區最長之橋梁。

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Dorincard said...

Looks like a very solid bridge; the passengers should not be "prestressed" when approaching it. :)