Friday, September 10, 2010

China - Chengyang Bridge 程陽橋


Stamp Issue : 1962-05-15 

Situated in Sanjiang County in Liuzhou in Guangxi Province, Chengyang Bridge (aka Chengyang Wind-Rain Bridge) is a famous bridge which belongs to the Dong Minority Autonomous Region. With particular covered corridors and pavilions, the bridge, aka Wind-Rain Bridge is one of a kind in the local Dong Minority Region. Completed in 1916, the bridge is also known as Yongji Bridge and Panlong Bridge.
Crossing over LinXi River, Chengyang Bridge is a perfect combination of painting, bridge, corridor, veranda and Chinese pavilion. At two ends of the bridge are platforms, the bridge has 3 piers, 4 spans, 19 verandas, and 5 pavilions with 3 floors. The piers are made of stone. The upper main structures are mainly wood, and the roofs are covered with tiles. On both sides of the bridge are wooden handrails.
About 10 meters above the river, the bridge is 64.4 meters long in total and the corridor is 3.4 meters wide.

程陽橋又稱程陽風雨橋是位於中國廣西省柳州三江縣的一座著名的橋梁,屬於少數民族侗族自治區。這是一個特殊的廊橋和風雨橋, 是當地少數民族侗族地區特殊的橋型之一。它建於1916年,又名永濟橋或盤龍橋。

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