Tuesday, September 7, 2010

China - Lugou Bridge 盧溝橋


Stamp Issue : 1985-09-03  


Stamp Issue : 2003-03-20 

Lugou Bridge, also known as Yongding Bridge, is located about 15 km southwest of Fengtai District of Beijing crossing the Yongding River. The bridge 266.5 meters in length, 7.5-9.3 meters in width, with 10 piers and 11 arches, is the largest ancient multi-segmental arch bridge. As Marco Polo detailed account of the Lugou Bridge in the book "Travels of Marco Polo", the bridge is also known as the Marco Polo Bridge in Europe.
Lugou Bridge was built in 1189, the 20th year of Dading in Jin Dynasty and completed in 1192, the 3rd year of Mingchang in Jin Dynasty. It was restored in 1698, the 37th year of Kangxi in Qing Dynasty. On each side are stone fences supported by 140 carved marble balusters. On top of the balusters are carved stone lions of distinct styles.
Known as "July 7 Marco Polo Bridge Incident", the incident took place on July 7, 1937 on the bridge It marked the beginning of the War of Resistance against the Imperial Japanese Army that lasted eight years.

盧溝橋始建於1189年(金大定二十九年),並於 1192年(明昌三年)完成,後來在1698年 (康熙三十七年) 重建。兩側石雕護欄各有140條望柱,柱頭上均雕有石獅,形態各異。

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