Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Italy - Trepponti Bridge


Stamp Issue : 2001-04-14 

Trepponti Bridge (Ponte dei Trepponti) is a pedestrian arch bridge (footbridge). The bridge in the heart of the city of Comacchio. It is a suggestive lagoon town that dates back to Late Roman times built on 13 islands in the middle of an extensive wetlands.
Trepponti Bridge was constructed in 1634 by the architect Luca Danese to the order of Cardinal Giovan Battista Pallotta and served as a city defence, connecting the canals to the main canal which leads to the sea. It is located in the historical town centre nearby the Bellini Palace on the square which housed the fish market. The bridge consists of two front and three back staircases, each spanning a canal.

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