Saturday, September 20, 2008

France - Pont de pierre 皮埃爾大橋


Stamp Issue : 1949  


Stamp Issue : 1955-10-15  


Stamp Issue : 1957-07-19  


Stamp Issue : 1970-11-07  


Stamp Issue : 2004-04-26 

Stone Bridge (Pont de pierre) is an old bridge located in Bordeaux, in the Gironde department of France, which crosses Garonne River to connect cours Victor Hugo on the left and Avenue Thiers on the right.
As the first bridge over the Garonne River at Bordeaux, it was constructed from 1819 to 1822, during which the builders were faced with many challenges because of the strong current at that point in the river. They used a diving bell borrowed from the British to stabilize the bridge's pillars. The bridge is 487 meters long and has a total of seventeen arches, which correspond to the number of letters in the name of Napoléon Bonaparte. It was the only bridge until the construction of pont Saint-Jean in 1965.


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