Sunday, September 28, 2008

Spain - Rande Bridge

Stamp Issue : 1981-11-26 

Rande Bridge (Puente de Rande) is a cable-stayed bridge built in 1978 that links the strips of land of the Strait of Rande on the ria of Vigo. It has a length of 1,558 metres, its pillars have a height of 148 metres and its main span measures 401 metres. Although it was not the biggest (cable-stayed) span in the world when it opened, it was the longest span with more than two lanes.
The bridge, which links Redondela and Moaña through the Strait of Rande, is one of the world's longest bridges. It is currently the longest in Spain and it is an emblematic piece of engineering in the ria of Vigo.

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