Monday, December 22, 2008

Switzerland - Old Bridge Via Mala Gorge


Stamp Issue : 1936 

Old Bridge Via Mala Gorge, Near the town of Thusis in eastern Switzerland, the six-kilometre long Via Mala Gorge plunges 500 meters down between limestone walls to the Hinterrhein River. Raging torrents have gouged out many extraordinary, smooth rock formations and water mills over the centuries and the waters are particularly wild in the lower section at the Verlorene Loch (Lost Hole). If you fancy a closer look, you can take the 321 steps down into the depths of the ravine. On the way you’ll see an old bridge dating from 1739, once a part of the Via Mala (Evil Road), a former mule path hewn out of the rock, once used as a north-south route by traders and their pack animals. The climb back up the 321 steps is breathtaking – in more ways than one!

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