Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Netherlands - Van Brienenoord Bridge


Stamp Issue : 1968-04-09 

Van Brienenoord Bridge is an arch bridge for car traffic over the River Nieuwe Maas, which is a major distributary of the river Rhine. The bridge is located at the east side of Rotterdam, The Netherlands. The bridge exists of two almost identical arches laying parallel and next to each other, followed by three bascule bridges. With over 250,000 vehicles every day the Van Brienenoord Bridge, which is part of the A16 highway is the most busy road in the Netherlands. Bicycle riders can also use the bridges to cross the Nieuwe Maas River. The Van Brienenoord Bridge is 1320 meters long and ships of 24 meters and lower are able to pass through underneath it.
The bridge was open for traffic on February 1st in 1965. The capacity for handling traffic was insufficient 20 years later, and it was decided to add another bridge. May 1st 1990, the second van Brienenoord Bridge was open.

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