Friday, September 12, 2008

France - Viaduc de Chaumont 肖蒙高架橋


Stamp Issue : 1960-01-16 

Chaumont Viaduct (Viaduc de Chaumont) is a long bridge located in the capital of Haute-Marne, Chaumont. Overlooking the valley of the Suize, it contains part of the railway from Paris to Basel. The bridge has 50 arches that rise to 52 meters on three levels and the first level is for pedestrians.
This bridge has a length of 654 meters. It was built in a record of 15 months, between 1855 and 1857. It is recognized as one of the most remarkable works of art from the middle of the 19th century in Europe, and also the largest masonry bridge in the continent.
In 31st August 1944, the Germans blew up 2 arches that are of height of 45 meters in order to delay the railway transportation. Because of its strategic importance, on 28th December that year, it was provisionally repaired, but in actual fact the completion of the repair was in 6th November 1945.


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Unknown said...

Je connais le viaduct. Sorry about my bad french. I will write in english (bad also). First time I visited was in August 1979.
Met Mimi. One of the most impressing persons, I met in this life. But nobody seems to remenber her in chaunont :-(.