Monday, October 27, 2008

New Caledonia - Marguerite La Foa Bridge


Stamp Issue : 1985-05-10 

Marguerite La Foa Bridge was built in 1909 to replace a wood bridge become obsolete. The choice was made on a metal suspension bridge which was to allow the passage of the cars, a bridge of the Gisclard type under license of Arnodin construction was selected. Built, checked to the factories of the Châteauneuf-on-Loire, it then was transported, assembled then inaugurated on June 25, 1909. Its name, the "Marguerite footbridge" comes from the first name of the wife of the governor of New Caledonia, Marguerite Richard who cut the ribbon at the time of this inauguration. Length of 48m for a chaussee of 3m broad, it could support automobile overloads of 4ton on two axles, of the work of reinforcement completed into 1927 increased this load to 10 Ton.


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