Saturday, May 1, 2010

Argentina - Rosario-Victoria Bridge 羅薩里奧-維多利亞大橋


Stamp Issue : 2003-08-23 

Rosario-Victoria Bridge is the informal name of the physical connection between two cities in Argentina - City of Rosario in Santa Fe province and City of Victoria in Entre Ríos province. Its official name is Nuestra Señora del Rosario (Our Lady of Rosario).
This road link is composed of several bridges, viaducts and earth-filled sections. It crosses the main course of the Paraná River and touches down on several islands of the Paraná Delta in the way.
The bridge construction project began in 1998 and the bridge was opened for public transit access on May 20, 2003.
The link between the two cities spans a total of 59.4 kilometers. The total length of the various bridges and their viaducts is 12.2 km. The main cable-stayed bridge spans 330 meters and two main tower 126 meters high.


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