Tuesday, May 18, 2010

France - Viaduc de Garabit 加拉比高架橋


Stamp Issue : 1952-07-05 

Garabit Viaduct (Viaduc de Garabit) is a railroad arch bridge spanning the Truyère River near Ruynes en Margeride, Cantal, France, in the mountainous Massif Central region. The bridge was constructed between 1880 and 1884 by Gustave Eiffel, with structural engineering by Maurice Koechlin, and was opened in November 1885. It is 565 meters in length, 124 meters in height and has a principal arch of 165 meters, and took 38 tons of red paint to coat the entire bridge. For many years, the Garabit Viaduct remained the tallest bridge in the world.
Gustave Eiffel's tremendous success with the Garabit Viaduct, and later with the framework of the Statue of Liberty and Paris' Eiffel Tower, earned him the nickname "magician of iron."


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