Thursday, May 13, 2010

Canada - Quebec Bridge 魁北克大橋


Stamp Issue : 1928-29  


Stamp Issue : 1995-09-01 

Quebec Bridge crosses the Saint Lawrence River in Quebec, Canada. The bridge is a riveted steel truss structure and is 987 metres long, 29 metres wide, and 104 metres high. Cantilever arms 177 metres long support a 195 metres central structure, for a total span of 549 metres, the longest cantilever bridge span in the world.
The bridge accommodates three highway lanes (none until 1929, one until 1949, two until 1993), one rail line (two until 1949), and a pedestrian walkway (originally two); at one time it also carried a streetcar line. It has been owned by the Canadian National Railway since 1993.
Quebec Bridge was declared a historic monument in 1987 by the Canadian and American Society of Civil Engineers, and on January 24, 1996, the bridge was declared a National Historic Site of Canada.


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