Monday, May 17, 2010

Australia - Princes Bridge 普林瑟斯橋


Stamp Issue : 1956-10-31 

Princes Bridge is a historic bridge that crosses the Yarra River in Central Melbourne, Australia. It is built on the site of one of the oldest river crossings in Australia, being the third bridge on the same location. The first was a wooden trestle bridge built in 1844. The second was built in 1850 as the longest single span bridge in the world,and stood for 35 years. The current bridge was built in 1888, making it over 122 years old. The bridge connects Swanston Street on the Yarra River's northern bank to St Kilda Road on the southern bank, and carries, road, tram and pedestrian traffic. The bridge is listed on the Victorian Heritage Register.
Because of its position, Princes Bridge is often a focal point for celebratory events in Melbourne such as the Moomba Festival, New Years Eve and many celebrations taking place on the Yarra River where it flows through the city.


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