Sunday, May 2, 2010

Taiwan ROC - Bitan Suspension Bridge 碧潭吊橋


Stamp Issue : 1963-08-14 

Bitan Suspension Bridge, Bitan Bridge in short, is 200 meters long, 3.5 meters wide, with tower height of 220 meters. The water in Sindian River is crystal clear, calm and green. The river is so wide that looks like a lake. The area is therefore named Bitan (Green Lake) and is a famous attraction in Sindian of the Taipei County. Completed in early 1937, the bridge is an important link between Chungho and Sindian. With its graceful shape, the bridge is an indispensable symbol for Bitan and a beautiful landmark for Sindian.

碧潭吊橋,簡稱「碧橋」,長200公尺,寬3.5公尺,橋塔高度220公尺。 碧潭因河岸寬廣,水色澄碧、平靜如潭而得其名,是台北縣新店市的一個旅遊勝地。建於1937年初,是連接中和與新店之間的重要橋樑,由於造型優美,成為碧潭不可或缺的標幟,亦是新店市最美麗的地標。

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