Sunday, May 9, 2010

China - Seventeen-Arch Bridge 十七孔橋


Stamp Issue : 2008-05-10 

Seventeen-Arch Bridge (Shiqikong Qiao) is a continuous stone arch bridge. It is one of the famous scenic spots in Beijing's Summer Palace (Yiheyuan). With the deck 6.56 meters wide on the top, 4.6 meters wide on the bottom and 7 meters in height, Seventeen-Arch Bridge is named for its 17 arches and looks magnificent.
Connecting the Kuoru Pavilion (Octagonal Pavilion, Grand Pavilion) situated on the east bank of Kunming Lake in the east and Nanhu Island (South Lake Island) in the west, Seventeen-Arch Bridge is 150 meters long and 8 meters wide. It is ranked the longest and the largest amongst ancient Chinese gardens.
The stones are exquisitely carved on the bridge. There are 544 stones lions in different poses carved on the stone balustrades. At both ends of the bridge, there are vividly craved strange stone animals. Sitting on east side of the bridge is a Bronze Ox guarding the river to prevent flooding.


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