Saturday, June 5, 2010

Åland - Farjsund Bridge 法爾森德橋


Stamp Issue : 1987-04-27 

Farjsund Bridge is an important construction to Aland Islands. Up until the late 18th century, the transportation between the villages counted on a rowing boat of a ferryboat connecting over the sound. Until 1922, the ferryboat was replaced by motor-ferry. Amongst the 30 plans submitted for a suspension bridge with 3.6 meters wide wooden roadway, the plan that included a concrete suspension bridge was approved. The bridge was inaugurated on July 1, 1937 with roadway 191.2 meters long, presumably the longest continuous concrete roadway in the world at that time.
Traffic on the bridge went smoothly over 30 years, but as the traffic increased, the bridge was too narrow to handle the load safely. Farjsund Bridge was then rebuilt in 1980. The bridge span measures 130 meters, the width 11.8 meters and the length 202.6 meters.


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