Wednesday, June 23, 2010

China - Jade Belt Bridge 玉帶橋


Stamp Issue : 2008-05-10 

Jade Belt Bridge (Yudai Qiao, aka Camel Back Bridge) is one of the six famous bridges in the Summer Palace in Beijing. Situated on the West Dike (Xidi) of Kunming Lake, the bridge is so highly arched like a camel's back that the single arch spans 11.38 meters and is about 7.5 meters high. During the reign of the Qianlong Emperor of Qing Dynasty (1736-1795), Jade Belt Bridge was built in the years 1751 to 1764.
The bridge is built with marble and other white stone. The pointed arch with ornate marble-carved balustrades and the contour lines from two sides of the bridge are woven extraordinary elegantly and resembles a jade belt. Under the bridge is spring water from Jade Spring Hills (Yuquan Shan) to inlet of the Kunming Lake. A passage to Jade Spring Hills, the clearance of the arch allows the tall dragon barges to sail under the bridge easily.


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