Saturday, June 12, 2010

Romania - Giurgeni - Vadul Oii Bridge 久爾杰尼 –瓦都歐尼大橋


Stamp Issue : 1974-01-28 

Giurgeni - Vadul Oii Bridge is a four lanes highway bridge (link the E60 European highway), over the Danube between Giurgeni commune and Vadu Oii village, in Romania,
The bridge was built in the period 1966-1970. It is main span of 160 meters, and 1,450 meters in total length with the main structure is composed of a constructed as a steel truss girder bridge.

久爾杰尼 –瓦都歐尼大橋是羅馬尼亞一座4車道公路橋(銜接歐洲E60公路),跨越久爾杰尼地區與瓦都歐尼村落之間的多瑙河。
此橋建於1966–1970年間,它主跨距160公尺,總長1 450公尺,係連續鋼桁架梁橋結構。

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