Monday, June 28, 2010

China - Rainbow Wind and Rain Bridge 虹橋風雨樓


Stamp Issue : 2009-06-23 

The Rainbow Wind and Rain Bridge (Hongqiao Fengyulou) spans the Tuo River of the Phoenix County (Fenghuang County) in Hunan Province. Originally named the Crouching Rainbow bridge, erected in 1670 (the 9th year of the reign of Qing Emperor Kangxi), the stone arch bridge was built with the local red stone. Restored in 1914, it is renamed to Rainbow Bridge (Hongqiao).
With two piers and three arches in boat-shape, not only beautiful, the piers reduce the river flow momentum. Along each side of the original bridge, built are the 12 wooden houses as if they are hanging over the bridge (Diaojiaolou Mubanfang) are used for restaurants and retail shops. The pedestrian promenade in the center is two meter wide. The roof added on top of the promenade keeps the wind and rain out. Hence, the bridge is also called the Wind and Rain Bridge.
In 1955, with the structures removed, the bridge was turned into a road bridge. Starting in 1999, it took a year to reconstruct the houses and restore the bridge to its original look. Both sides of the bridges are for shops and retail use again.


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