Wednesday, June 2, 2010

France - Pont du Gard 加爾橋


Stamp Issue : 1929-33  


Stamp Issue : 2002-03-22  


Stamp Issue : 2003-12-10 

Gard Bridge (Pont du Gard) is an aqueduct in the South of France constructed by the Roman Empire, and located in Vers-Pont-du-Gard near Remoulins, in the Gard département. Pont du Gard means literally bridge of the Gard River. The Gard River, which has given its name to the Gard département, does not actually exist under this name. The river, formed by many tributaries, several of which are called Gardon, is itself called Gardon until its end. Built on three levels, the Pont is 49 meters high, and the longest level is 275 meters long. On its first level, it carries a road and at the top of the third level, a water conduit, which is 1.8 meters high and 1.2 meters wide.


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