Thursday, June 17, 2010

France - Pont de Rupt-Aux-Nonains 呂鎮-歐-鹿瑙橋


Stamp Issue : 1994-07-04 

Rupt-aux-Nonains Bridge (Pont de Rupt-Aux-Nonains) spans across Saulx River in the small villages of Rupt-aux-Nonains, Meuse department, Lorraine, north-eastern France.
This ancient arches bridge was built in 1557, the span length was 8 x 3.90 meters and deck width was 4.40 meters.

這座古老的拱橋建於1557年,跨距8 x 3.90公尺長,橋面4.40公尺寬。

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